International Transaction Advisory Services

As the business expand into other territories both the opportunities and risk multiplies. One of the most dreaded risk faced by the business houses is of unknown taxation regime in the foreign territory that might take away all the commercial benefits. We help our clients to concentrate on the opportunities while we take care of the taxation risk.

To take full benefit of tax opportunities and to avoid the pit falls it is essential that the business strategies is properly aligned to various tax jurisdictions in which it is operating.

Broadly under International Transactional advisory services we provide following service

    1. Tax Structuring to minimise the tax exposure with respect to Income Tax Act, 1961 and Double Taxation Avoidance
      Agreements between India and various countries.
    2. Comprehensives evaluation and position structuring by identifying and enhancing tax and fiscal incentives including obtaining any tax rulings.
    1. Evaluation of Double Taxation Avoidance Agreements for the available benefit.
    2. Determination of Exposure of Formation of Permanent establishment.
    3. Evaluation of treaties to examine taxability and availability of tax treaty relief.
    4. Advisory associated with all modes of Inbound and outbound investments
    1. Drafting of agreements (Cost reimbursement, service agreement, Royalty, Cost recharge agreements etc.),
    2. Drafting of foreign collaboration / joint venture / technology transfer agreement.
    3. Vetting of various agreements
    4. Alignment of business objectives with Tax opportunities on after tax basis evaluation of a proposal.
    5. Helping in studying the prospective investment company
    1. Appearing before all adjudicating authorities and the Tribunal
    2. Represent before Advance ruling authorities for advance ruling
    3. Represent before settlement commission
    1. Assessing the level of compliance and exposures w.r.t Tax and Forex Laws
    2. Due diligence of prospective business / Joint venture partner in India.
    1. Filing of return
    2. Obtaining of Tax Residency certificate
    3. Assistance in availing of Foreign Tax Credit
    4. Obtaining lower tax deduction certificate
    1. Tax Compliance
    2. Formation of effective tax equalisation policies
    3. Income Repatriation
    4. NRI Taxation