Expatriate and NRI Taxation

On 1 July 2017 India saw history in making, with GST becoming reality. We witnessed one of the major reform since independence with an enormous change in entire Indirect Taxation effecting businesses across India. GST is a destination based tax.

At Taxpert Professionals, we are helping our clients in designing, formulating, monitoring and adapt to new tax regime, transition in the most beneficial manner and helping them cope with the challenges and tap the new opportunities. We have a highly-experienced team of corporate tax professionals to deal with this historic tax reform which is a game changer.

Our business-specific service offerings are as follows

  1. Comprehensive Tax planning for the Indian assignment with respect to its commencement, tenure etc., taxability as per applicable regulations to enhance tax benefits
  2. Determination of best possible tax structure
  3. Assistance in addressing Indian tax issues keeping in view the prevailing tax laws
  4. Advise on exemption and tax credit mechanism to determine that income is not doubly taxed under different jurisdictions or appropriate credit for foreign taxes is claimed
  5. Analyse taxation of income in the home and host country and advise on the tax impact of the same.
  1. Determine a residential status in India during the period of assignment
  2. Maintenance of complete Expatriate payroll – Calculation of monthly Tax to be deducted by employer, filing of return, deposit of tax etc.
  3. Handholding for compliance requirements from their time of entry to their departure from India including tax registration, deregistration, filings, etc.
  4. Determine taxability of employer’s and employee’s contributions to retiral benefits, whether mandatory or otherwise, during the Indian assignment.
  5. Assistance in registering with the Foreigner Regional Registration Office
  6. Helping the expatriate in opening and maintaining account and remittances
  7. Drafting of employment contracts from tax and regulatory perspective
  8. Drafting of tax equalisation agreements between the employees and the employer

We shall conduct training for Expat to make them understand the basics of Indian regulations that they should know.