Capital Advisory and Secretarial Services

Our Corporate Law Compliance and Secretarial Services cover proactive compliance of the Companies Act, 2013. The spectrum of services under compliance & secretarial services includes

  1. Incorporation of Companies (All types, including Section 8 Company, wholly owned Subsidiary) Incorporation of LLP and handling all Compliances.
  2. Compliance with all company law requirements for all type of Companies including Listed Companies like maintenance of statutory records, filing of required documents with the ROC, Stock Exchanges, SEBI etc
  3. Advisory Services regarding all company law matters
  4. Representation before Registrar of Companies, Regional Director, Ministry of corporate Affairs and NCLT in respect of any matter of the Companies Act.
  5. All regulatory approvals from Registrar of Companies, Ministry of Corporate Affairs and the NCLT. Secretarial Due Diligence
  6. Secretarial Audit
  7. Shareholding and share subscription agreements with Private Equity partners and pre and post compliances with respect to the same.
  1. Initial Public Offer (IPO management, readiness, IPO cordination and post IPO segment)
  2. Project Finance
  3. Debt Funding
  4. Merger, Takeover, Buy Backs, Rights Issue, Bonus Issue
  5. Preferential Allotments/ QIP, Open Offer, Delisting
  1. Company Law Secretarial Support
  2. Statutory applications and approvals
  3. Corporate restructuring
  4. SME IPO & Listing
  5. SME Structuring and Funding
  6. Legal & Compliance Support
  7. SEBI/Stock exchange applications and approvals
  8. Due Diligence Support for Private Equity and other purposes
  9. FII registration and Compliance