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Working capital adjustments – Transfer pricing

Download the Resource [593.77 KB] WORKING CAPITAL ADJUSTMENTS- Transfer Pricing Introduction The most important facet of transfer pricing provisions is to derive an accurate Arm’s Length Price (ALP) for the International Transactions. This ALP can be determined by using the…

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Holding Company Structures – Africa via South Africa

Download the Resource [442.21 KB] Taxpert Professionals BE IN THE KNOW!!! Holding company structures – Africa via South Africa The decision to invest is an outcome of interplay of many factors like social, political, economic, technological which mainly impacts a…

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Article on hypothetical taxation

Download the Resource [423.75 KB] Are you an Expat? Have you been Tax Equalized?  “Expatriate” or “Expat” is a person residing in a country temporarily or permanently which is different from his/her home country i.e. the country in which he/she…

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The concept of Tax Equalization & various aspects related to it

The concept of Tax Equalization & various aspects related to it Download the Resource [184.96 KB]

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Taxpert Professionals analysis on Union Budget 2018-19

Download the Resource [1.06 MB]

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Amendments in Forex laws in Budget